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It’s Here! Yorick Magazine Has Given Birth To Another Baby

Dear Folks, Yolks, and Volkswagens,

The new issue of Yorick Magazine has been placed on Earth by divine touch.

It’s true! We mean it!


Colored Coke,  Matheus Fialho Fiuza

After hours of deliberation, editing, loitering, lawyering, confrontation, galactic battle, voyeurism, and pandas, the fourth issue of Yorick Magazine is here! The Spring 2013 issue has been published, featuring the work of several wonderful poets, fictionists, and artists, including Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto, Jeremiah Walton, Matheus Fialho Fiuza, and James Colville. Take a gander, take a peek; send it to your friends, your uncles, your deer; serve it to your local Democrats Club for lunch, or feature it as the 19th hole of your town’s miniature golf course.

Excited? Enjoy your literary exploration. Don’t forget to like it on the Issuu page!

Thanks to all contributors! All acceptance decisions were tough to make. However, we feel that the pieces we chose were exceptional beyond the starry limit that we set.

Thanks also to you, our wonderful readers. You are members of a beautiful community. You support a work of love with your thoughts and eyes. Your warmth shimmers. For that, we’re grateful.

Alex Grover
Yorick Magazine

Best New Poets 2012

Dear Readers, Readers, and, yes, Readers,


The third issue of Yorick Magazine is coming to you…soon. Unfortunately, the staff at Yorick was caught in a Civil War reenactment battle, so some of us are artificially wounded and have to pretend to be dead for the rest of the historic and educational event. Oh dear. But! On discovering Best New Poets, a great organization featuring, well, the best new poets of modern civilization and uncivilization, we found five of our favorites on a compiled list by Matthew Dickman, renowned and award-winning Portland poet.

Sean Bishop, with “Black Hole Owners Association”  – originally in Alaska Quarterly Review

Bishop’s poetry is bleak and mildly sarcastic, with a grim timbre and sagging lines that draw the reader into Bishop’s world.

Jenny Gropp Hess, with “Months After the Crash, the Blind Aerobatic Pilot Speaks” – originally in Beecher’s Magazine

An important mixture of image and sparsity, Hess’ poetry spans several contexts and ideas to bring the reader into a state of mind that compares the incomparable.

Mia Ayumi Malhotra, with “As If” – originally in The Monarch Review

Blunt, full of didactic-isms and the reality of being an Asian American, Malhotra’s poetry illustrates goofy and lugubrious lives through momentary awkward, though gorgeously written, instances.

Matthew Nienow, with “O Anchor”  – originally in Beloit Poetry Journal

Nienow’s brilliance comes from his innate understanding of the poetics of industry. Quite simply, his poetry discovers beauty in the subtleties of a job, especially boatwork.

Martin Rock, with “Double Acrostic for Francis Ponge”

Rock has a spiritual edge with his poetry, something spectral that emerges through cultural enigmas and startling realizations. The words culminate to appreciate the mysteries of life.

Well that’s our mini-list! Invest some time in researching these poets, and learn more about the up-and-coming-poets’ scene by purchasing a copy of the Best New Poets anthology here.

More soon. Cheers!


The Coming of Our Fall Issue – For Real

Hello Readers, Writers, Gombaloos, and Nitteryips,


It’s been a while since our last post! The staff at Yorick Magazine has been fighting ravenous walruses for weeks on end, but now the scuffle has come to a close. With that said, our Fall Issue will be arriving soon! We have much planned in terms of advertising this issue, so once we’re ready, it’ll be unleashed unto the masses. Stay posted and you’ll experience its lovely splendor.



Submissions – Volume I, Fall 2012

Dear Readers, Writers, and Fish Entrepreneurs,

The deadline for our Fall issue is approaching! Just in case Internet Trawlers don’t know who we are, or what we aim to do, here’s a little spam to fry in the pan:

Yorick Magazine is now accepting submissions for its Fall 2012 issue. The deadline is August 1st.

We’re a magazine for new writers, emerging artists, innocent dreamers. We’re interested in something fresh, with design and art at hand, but with sincere intentions at the forefront.

We accept short stories and novel excerpts of 3500 words or less, and we accept poems of a comparable length. We are also interested in artwork and photography (please submit pictures with high resolution).
We don’t care about genres. Just write. If your piece happens to take place in space, then make it so.

All submissions go to We’re pretty quick with our response time, but if you haven’t heard back from us or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send another email.

Follow us on Twitter @YorickMagazine, follow us on Tumblr at, and like us on Facebook at

Yes, we have the full social media gamut covered.

And in case denizens of the future question how we started, I’ll lightly mention that our magazine came into fruition from drunken ramblings on a dirty bathroom floor at 3:32am, November 11th, 2011. That’s how the best ideas begin.


Alex, Editor-in-Chief


photo credit: Brianna Ford

Yorick Magazine: A fresh storyteller zinezilla (and all in one PDF!)

Hello Readers! We are Yorick Magazine, a seasonally-concocted online journal dedicated to exposing the voices of unheard poets and fictionists to the great chaosium of the Internet. Sounds like a big deal–and it is! To share these voices, the magazine will be free. However, we want our online presence to be gargantuan–eventually, that is. In the meantime, help us procure a domain by donating! Proceeds also go towards print copies for our wonderful writers.

Thanks so much, and please, please, please:

1. Check out our Issues page and click on the links!

2. Share said links with your trusted friends (and enemies).

3. Submit! Our email is Go to our Submissions page for further details.


– Alex, Editor-in-Chief