The Return and the Departure

Dear Lovers of the Aubade who fight to never leave,

We’ve had a slight jumping off since the summertime. Many of you have emailed about when the new issue will be coming out. Many have wondered why we haven’t had as many posts as usual. Many have developed new-found passions for optometry and are pursuing a lucrative career in the medical field. To all of you, I apologize.

Tragedy has hit many members of our staff lately. It has convinced us to grab onto our knees and dig our nails into the skin. Loss begets nothing more than reaching for a glass and having it drop before you can catch it. It’s the unfair it could have been different than this circumstance.

Know that what we’ve seen will make us better for you. What drives us to serve you is the love for art and communication and to make your experience on this lovely, lonely planet the best it can be. While we won’t be in full capacity until 2014, don’t forget about us. We won’t forget about you.


“Flower” by Abigail Allen

Today marks the publication of Yorick Magazine‘s fifth issue. We have harbored 44 unique writers and 9 artists since we began in 2011, and we are dogged to harbor more. Enjoy this new issue. It’s pretty.

Sincerely yours,
Alex Grover,
Yorick Magazine


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  1. You know, you guys dropped at least two pages from my manuscript in the excerpt of The Big Diehls as it appears in your magazine. The end of page 26 in the magazine (after the first page of the manuscript) the next two pages is missing:

    Any way to correct this?

    The text is as follow after “the high………….

    “peaks, mounds like breasts. They do kind of look like blue breasts. She feels hers with her left hand, firm, not too big, nice for a girl, not blue, though. It would be nice to have blue ones. Who else could be blue there? Krisha with his blue face. But hes a man. What about women? Ha, Gaia. Shes more than a man, shes a goddess. Is she blue? Star looks up and out the windshield above her headlights. The sky is dark, the mountains gone. Men dont know anything, she says out loud. They know how to kill. Thats all. Uhhh. A sound like a mouth-snore, a man snore, comes to her right ear: Starrrr-r-r-r? She feels Derek roll his head. You awake now? Her eyes swing just enough to see his white hair, the bleached Marine buzz cut, then back to the road, a broken white line reaching beyond the glow of the yellow headlight beams, stabbing backwards over the blue highway. Look out, little girl. Look out, Star Wells. Who do you think you are? No. That Derek. Hes always contrary. Thats what I thought. Where are we? Coming up on the mountains. Oh, God, home sweet home. He leans forward, hand on the dash. That wrist tattoo of a rose, fading. I cant see them. Take my word for it. Theyre gone now. But they are there. Feel the engine straining? Oh yeah. Old piece a junk. Dont badmouth my van. Its been good to you, buddy-bo. Derek laughs, an evil laugh. Yeah, goo-ood. The little boy. Her cheeks burn, remembering the last time he laughed like that. Nebraska, Scenic Point at night, no one around. Theres no scenery here, he said, her pants down around her ankles, knees up. He, head cranked around, looking out the wide open back doors at the wide open vista. Come here, she said, voice from deep in her throat. Will she do anything? Yes. Shes so nervous. She wont take drugs though. Who do you think you are, Janice? She has to find out so she can tell Amanda. Dont forget: We were talking about the history class you went to, just after you joined the Guard, where they told you about the cradle of civilization. How were descended from the people there. The instructor said modern life began there, by the Tiger and Fraidies River. Thats what he called them? Yeah. All kinds of people mumbling in different languages, he said. But I didnt see any baby beds, I only saw sand. He clears his throat and then yawns again before continuing, the words falling out of the cavern like boulders tipped off a cliff: Thats because the smart folks got out of the heat as fast as they could, Dad told me once. Hell, he said even the cockroaches get fried there in the summertime. The word cockroaches makes her look at Derek. She spaces out, still thinking about the word dad, tears welling in her eyes. She blinks to dry them before he sees, but hes not looking. You were going to tell me more about your dad. She squeaks the word dad while she yanks the wheel. Gravel clicks against the oil pan, a burst from a machine gun, like in those movies he watches on his computer. Shit. What shit? Come on. She gives him an innocent look. Your dad. A firm d-a-d. She narrows her eyes at the road as if the whirling blacktop holds all the mystery of her dad. Her heart hurts. Wait. Listen. When I was dozing, I had a dream about a river. Not the Fraidies, but I tried to jump in but I couldnt land and the water just kept rushing by. Scared the shit outta me. She wishes she could have a dream like that, vivid, with water in it. Really? Wow, thats a good dream. The description of his dream induces in her, for perhaps the first time since she met him, a surge of affection for Derek. She actually shivers but then thinks she might just be feeling guilt. She……………”

    All that is missing.

    and it goes on …..”was raised Catholic………”

    I’m not sure if more is missing or not because the only place I have been able to read it so far is on my phone. THis is somewhat disturbing. Any way to correct this?


    Merrill Printz

    Sent from iCloud

    • Dear Merrill,

      Let me begin by saying that sending comments on our blog is not the proper means for submitting questions or complaints. Please send all comments to

      To answer your question, you’ll find that all of the text you said was missing is actually within the manuscript. Nonetheless, we regret the inconvenience you might have felt. Thank you.

      Alex Grover

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