The Elements of Creativity – Kirby Ferguson

Want to watch an incredible and well-researched series on how creativity is a system of copying and remixing?

This video is for you. It’s for every creator.

“Creativity requires influence”

“Multiple Discovery”

“Copy, Transform, Combine”

This is part three of a four-part series that explores how we create, why we create, what we aim to create, and the future of creation. The series’ topics are vast: Led Zeppelin, mix tracks, Star Wars, genre films, Macintosh computers, the Internet – and so on for a revealing odyssey that helps us understand the reasoning for our seemingly compulsive and original ideas. We learn, then, that nothing is compulsive and that nothing is original, and how neither truth offends the master status of a truly iconic piece of art.

The director, writer, and producer of the series, Kirby Ferguson, is a filmmaker based in New York who organizes a remarkably informant history of our own time. For more information on Ferguson, click here. To enjoy his other films in this series, enjoy them here. I think after you watch these videos you’ll find that we remix a lot more than we think we do.

Isn’t this post just another remix of ideas?

– Alex


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